G'day from 'Straya

Feel free to join up and say hello here.
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G'day from 'Straya

Post by VladTepes »

Momentous day. We have yet ANOTHER Prime Minister :roll: and I joined this forum.

Interesting to see how the collapse of one forum spawned the formation of a new one - just like the motorcycle forum I run !

I have a GSX1400 and have a Zumo 595LM and have the wired bracket for it on my bike.

It has gotten little use, largely as it took ages to figure out how to get the maps onto the device.

Anyway I'm wanting to get into it more - for tracking journeys I do so I can recreate them another time; and also following routes which ones may supply.

Cheers all
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Re: G'day from 'Straya

Post by Moose »

welcome hang on tight prepare to be amazed
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Re: G'day from 'Straya

Post by Stu »

Hi and welcome to the forum :)
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Re: G'day from 'Straya

Post by Wingstyle »

Welcome to the forum.
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Re: G'day from 'Straya

Post by tojjer »

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Re: G'day from 'Straya

Post by advnzer »

gidday mate.Which maps do you use?
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Re: G'day from 'Straya

Post by rbentnail »

Welcome! Hang on tight prepare to be annoyed :)
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