Conspiracy Theory (Price Drop)

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Conspiracy Theory (Price Drop)

Post by Scarecrow »

Hi Guys
SWMBO has a conspiracy theory she's planning on buying me a new Garmin but!
She's notice most suppliers(UK) have dropped their price for the XT
and she thinks its because there may be a problem with them (she does follow this site at times) and Garmin are going to release
a updated Model
ME. I think its because its near the end of biking season so the price drop is to get some sales
Your opinions Please :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
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Re: Conspiracy Theory (Price Drop)

Post by Hati »

It took a LOT of years for the XT to come out after the 595. I don't think there is any update anywhere in the pipeline. I think you are spot on with the assumption that due to your riding season ending, they try to flog a few more units.

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