Help Zumo 660 bike route imports from google

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Help Zumo 660 bike route imports from google

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Hi, please can someone help me. There was a really simple youtube video that showed you how to plot a route in google maps and export in straight in to Basecamp. It then showed you how to convert it in to a bike route that you can download in to the Zumo....easy peasy.
I can create the google map route and import it in to basecamp. The problem is I cant remember what to do once its in Basecamp to get it to transfer to the Zumo.

Question - does anyone know the video I reference to? Or does anyone know how to move it from Basecamp to Zumo 660.

I go away in a few days and have been asked by the group to lead at the last minute hence the ask.

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Re: Help Zumo 660 bike route imports from google

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Just connect your Zumo and drag/drop it into your Zumos folder. Note be very careful though as it's unlikely the route will be identical to the Google one, not least because the maps are different

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