Zumo 590 & 595 Battery life & charge problems

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Re: Zumo 590 & 595 Battery life & charge problems

Post by rbentnail »

I often wondered too if it matters how you turn the unit off particularly when running on the battery. A quick button press seems to turn it off but when started again it immediately goes to the Where To page with no boot up. Shutting down via long button press gives the question "Shut Unit Down?" and requires a complete boot when restarting.

So does a short press go to sleep but still drain the battery vs actual shutting down?
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Re: Zumo 590 & 595 Battery life & charge problems

Post by Stu »

A quick press puts it in standby and does indeed drain the battery in this mode!

Pressing and holding till you get the prompt to turn it off is the way to go

I have two batteries for my zumo and both genuine ones and neither is better than the other :?
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Re: Zumo 590 & 595 Battery life & charge problems

Post by JohnnyRidesAlone »

Yes I saw an internet where the poster just splayed the pins a bit without taking them out. These JST (maybe wrong -stands for Japaneese XXX) are a pig to fit, designed to be ultra-cheap and quick to crimp but zero maintenance ability - they also have a crimping tool at around 1000 USD.

I always had charging issues with my 590. I found it would only charge on standby not off!
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Re: Zumo 590 & 595 Battery life & charge problems

Post by Boruch »

This matter is totally unacceptable!

I am furious that Garmin knowing full well that they incorporated a poor quality battery connector into a very expensive GPS, have not addressed this problem and issued either replacement units or at the very least, replacement batteries with a corrected connector. I have purchased numerous batteries due to this (unknowing that this connector was the culprit) only to find that the batteries in the end were in good shape. The connector is flawed. All of my riding friends have the exact same issue so this is wide spread.

Regardless of being out of warranty, this is a design flaw that owners should not have to deal with this headache day after day.

As much as I like Garmin products of past, if they don't resolve this proper for owners of 590 and 595 navigation units, I'll become an ardent advocate for their competitors.
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Re: Zumo 590 & 595 Battery life & charge problems

Post by simoncrewe »

Whilst I totally agree with your sentiments, the unit is no longer current so don't expect Garmin to do any further modifications. Best thing to do, is to carry out the well documented mod to the connector & thereby keep your sanity.
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Re: Zumo 590 & 595 Battery life & charge problems

Post by jfheath »

I have noted that the Zumo seems to react on what it thinks the charge is, rather than what it actually is. I'm not sure if this is actually the case or why it would be so, but - if you let the battery run flat and then put it on charge without disturbing it - overnight or longer - then the Zumo will show the battery meter as full and the battery itself will be full. Along with the bent pin trick, this seems to bring the battery life up to spec.

Just yesterday I had the plastic battery connector lift off with the mating part that is on the battery cable, leaving the pins exposed with nothing surrounding them. With a strong light and lens, I was able to slip the plastic housing back over the pins - but noted that one of the pins was slightly bent. I have still got to stick it down, but at present everything is held firmly positioned by the batter door.
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