Zumo 590 Splashscreen

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Zumo 590 Splashscreen

Post by Steve1020 »

Is it still possible to change the startup screen on the 590LM? I just upgraded from my trusty Zumo 550 and had the ability to put my contact info on a .bmp and pick that as a splashscreen n case it ever was 'lost'.

I can't find anything on Google to indicate that this is possible, but did find 1 link that had an answer for the 595, but unfortunately, would not work on the 590.

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Re: Zumo 590 Splashscreen

Post by Imskier2 »

There is no way that I'm aware of to change it on the 590.
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Re: Zumo 590 Splashscreen

Post by VA3TWT »

That's too bad. I was hoping to do the same as Steve1020. Had a custom screen on my 550.

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Re: Zumo 590 Splashscreen

Post by blacktiger »

Yeah seems to be another of Garmin's improvements. Just like not providing the ability to have a PIN security on start up.
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Re: Zumo 590 Splashscreen

Post by bogiediver »

You can't change the initial splash screen (i.e. the 'Garmin' name) - however you can hack the warning screen text that comes up next... and text on most screens...

Attached a PDF of the steps and examples...
zumo 590-595 - Text Hack Notes.pdf
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Re: Zumo 590 Splashscreen

Post by AnotherHonda »

Thanks Bogie, Just upgraded from a 345/395 to a 595.

Been trying to do a splash screen like I had on my old Streetpilots and Zumo 220.

I've just changed the warning screen so far.

Now I'm trying to remove/change the Automobile Association Roadside Assistance information on the Where Am I? screen.

Would be better if it was my Insurance company's recovery details, and possibly if I can change the logo, but I guess if the "Garmin" splash screen can't be changed, the "AA" logo can't be changed either, but changing the contact details would be handy.
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Re: Zumo 590 Splashscreen

Post by biz »

I know that this is an old thread, but just to add to it that a customer 590 or 595 splash screen CAN indeed be done - I've just done it. :-) The technique detailed here:

https://www.gpspower.net/garmin-receive ... a-etc.html

does work for the Zumo 590 and 595, but the file size is important. On my 590 with 595 4.60 firmware, 25kb was too big, 10kb loaded happily. I don't know what the actual limits are, though.

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Re: Zumo 590 Splashscreen

Post by giuseppe66 »

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